Rental Terms and Frequently Asked Questions

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Lease Period:  All apartments are rented from June 1st to May 28th unless specified otherwise.  Virtually all student
apartments in RPI neighborhood are rented this way, although the apartments may get low use during the summer.

Showings: I am happy to show the apartment to any group that has committed people for each of the bedrooms.
I generally show apartments during the hours of Mon Fri, 4:30 7:30 pm.  On weekends I will show them 3 to 70 pm. 
Please assist me to provide my current tenants 24 hours notice.  Text or call me with your name, the number of people in

your group, what time the majority of your group will be able to meet, and which apartment your group would like to see.  

I can often show at other times as the need may arise because I live and work nearby.

About my apartments:  I have the nicest, most meticulously maintained apartments in the city.  I have spent an inordinate
amount of time and money renovating each house and put a lot of work into maintenance, repair, and ongoing upgrades to
keep the apartments in nice condition. You are expected to maintain your apartment in clean and good condition.  Let me know 

of any needed repairs immediately so they can be taken care of. If you are looking for an apartment you will be proud to show
your friends and family you are in the right place.  If you are just looking for a typical student apartment, and you do not
think your group will keep it clean, or you are certain your group members will want to have parties, please spare us
the time, you will be happier elsewhere.

Parties:   Having a clean, high-end apartment and having large house parties are incompatible.  Large parties will often cause
damage and attract unwanted attention for you and me.  You are welcome to have your friends over and enjoy yourselves in
your own apartment, but parties of 10 or more people are not allowed and will incur a $250 fine per occurrence.  Any kegs
found will also incur a fine.

Lease info:  You can check out a copy of the lease here (SAMPLE LEASE) or you can find the link
at the bottom of the page.  I will print out and bring a copy of the lease to the lease signing meeting.

Security deposit/binder: Security deposit/binder is one month rent, collected at lease signing.

Ready to apply: Those who have secured my apartments in the past have been those who have planned well ahead.  
Therefore, it is ultimately beneficial to determine the number of people in your group as soon as possible. When 
you are ready to apply (everyone on board, parents spoken to, if needed, money ready for security deposit/binder)
please submit the completed application form for each person for my review.  If approved, we will set up a time to review
and sign the lease.  At that time I will need to collect the security deposit/binder.  The security deposit is refundable within 
30 days of the end of the lease, if the apartment is left in clean, undamaged condition.

Need a roommate?  The RPI, Russell Sage and websites such as craigslist have places to help you find a fellow roommate.
I only rent to cohesive groups who can commit to the lease for the whole apartment and lease period.

   Your rent payment covers electric, gas, heat, recycling, water & sewer, and the city provides trash pickup. 
Cable TV/Internet is contracted for by the tenants.  If you need to set up High Speed Internet without TV it costs
$55 per month per apartment.  I am covering the utilities for your convenience,  and because this value-added service assists 
your group to avoid the monthly negotiation and potential conflict.  Usage is monitored and your judicious use of utilities is 

Parents have questions? Parents are encouraged to email, text or call me with questions, if they are not answered here.
I will also show the apartment to them if they arrange it 24 hours in advance.

Pets Policy:   No pets are allowed.

How to sublease: Subleases are common and easily executed by following the requirements for subleases and securing my
written approval. I will need notification by email if you wish to sublease; and at that time I will provide you with the instructions.

Documents available for your review:

Application         Sample Lease       Tenant Info Sheet         Move in Letter         Move Out Letter          

Contact Me:
David Snover
Call or text: 518 852 0254
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