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In order to help make the experience a little easier I wanted to provide some basic information.


First Rent Payment

Late fees will apply even if you are not staying at the apartment from the beginning.


Rent Payment Information

Please include the tenantís name and apartment on each check. Some people prefer to pay up front to match their loan payouts.  A $15/mo ($180) or $10/mo ($60) discount will be given for full year / half year pre-payments. Best Bet - an easy way to pay on time every month and make sure you donít have late fees is to set up automatic bill payment through your bank. Call for information.


Move-in time

Please arrange your move-in time with me a day or two ahead so I can meet you with the keys. 



For the tenants who do not have utilities included and those that need Internet service here are some important numbers:  Contact Niagara Mohawk ( or 1-800- 642-4272) for Gas and Electric turn-on for your start date and contact Time Warner Cable 518-869-5500) for cable TV and/or internet 2+ weeks ahead of time.  DO NOT let Time Warner drill any holes to run cable Ė call me.


Renters Insurance

I very strongly recommend renters insurance for each tenant.  It is easily available online or often obtained through a parentís homeownerís policy insurance agent.  It is not very expensive, but without it you have nothing in case of fire, water damage, or theft or someone suing you for getting injured at your apartment.


Recommended Supplies

-          Mop (self wringing string is best).  Mop bucket (or use sink).

-          Broom & dustpan or swiffer.  Garbage pails/wastebaskets.

-          Cleaners (oven, bath (all surface cleaner), cleaner for wood floors.

-          Shower curtain

-          Toilet plunger, please do not use standing chemicals such as the tidy bowl.

-          Light bulbs (mostly 60W compact fluorescents)

-          3M Command removable hangers are perfect for hanging pictures and posters in apartments. 

-          (No nails allowed, they break plaster walls, however, tacks are okay)

-          Snow Shovel, Icemelt, sturdy flat garden shovel for ice & snow.

-          Area rugs for Living room and bedrooms help control dust & dirt.  Vacuum for rugs.

-          All rolling chairs must have a clear floor protector or thin carpet under them

-          Some basic tools, or a toolkit.



Because most of my apartments are furnished there should be no need to bring furniture. Consider that you will be responsible for returning all furniture to its original locations before proceeding with bringing new furniture into the home.  The storage for the apartment furniture must be arranged for separately and will be required in all instances. I do not maintain space for storage.  I must be involved in any furniture coming or going into all apartments,  Be careful not to damage walls and doors when you are moving in.  If you need to hang anything heavy, let me know and I will help.


Please email me with any questions, text message or call - 518-852.0254.


David Snover: 21 Bolivar Ave., Troy, NY 12180                                        

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