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In order to avoid any misunderstandings this move-out letter describes how your apartment needs to be left and what the procedures are for returning your security deposit.


You must  leave your unit in a very clean condition so the next tenants may move right in.  It is a lot of work (12-20 hrs + moving time), please leave plenty of time.  You must be out by Sunday morning after graduation. Not any later. ; Penalties will be provided if you are late.  If you have any questions about the type and extent of cleaning needed, please give me a call.  Here is a specific, not all  inclusive, list of items to be cleaned before leaving:



-          Cabinets empty and clean, countertops & sinks cleaned

-          Refrigerator, freezer, and dishwasher empty and cleaned inside and out with appropriate cleaner

-          Stove cleaned inside and out with appropriate cleaner



-          Tub cleaned with appropriate cleaner (Comet with bleach for most cleaning, Tilex removes mildew stains,)

-          Toilet bowl inside, outside, and base with appropriate cleaner (Comet)

-          Sink, mirror, medicine cabinet, Vanity cabinet & drawers.

-          Clean any mildew on walls or ceiling with mildew remover (Tilex).


Floors & Walls, etc.

-          Wipe down baseboard trim and windowsills with damp sponge as needed.

-          Clean any dirty windows

-          Mop hardwood floors – repeatedly – with Hardwood floor cleaner or equivalent, till shining & the water stays clean.

-          Clean ceiling fan blades & lights and bathroom exhaust fan

-          Don’t forget corners, closets, under stove & refrigerator, back hall, stairwell, stairs.

-          Clean doors, walls, or trim as needed with all purpose cleaner (fingerprints, marks)

-          Replace all light bulbs including basement and outside with proper shape and wattage.  60W CFLs for most enclosed lights,  special bulbs for ceiling fans (40w) and bath vanities.  Special size ceiling fan bulbs are only avail at Home Depot.

-          Clean front door & clean & sweep front porch as needed.

-          Basement Laundry area – clean & remove trash / clothes.



-          All garbage to be bagged & brought to curb on correct day

-          Everything in Attic, Basement, Yard, and porch also to be put out.

-          Find out when Albany’s neighborhood cleanup day is for large trash and furniture to avoid trash fines

-          Don’t get trash Fines for wrong day/time or extra garbage.  Fines are $100 to $250 PLUS fees for the actual work.


Please don’t leave anything behind.  Furniture, dishes, appliances, grill, anything.  The apartment, basement, attic, porches, and back yard should be totally empty except for items that were there when you arrived.  Don’t forget to cancel utility services, newspaper, and do a change of address form (


Once you have cleaned your unit and removed all your belongings please call me to arrange for a walk through inspection and to return all keys.  Missing keys are $5 ea and may also cause a new lock charge ($25). You can leave the key to your Bedroom in the lock.  Make sure I have your address to send the security deposit.


It is my standard to return all deposits within 15-30 days of the end of the lease.  Any cleanup or repairs that still need to be completed after your departure will be billed at $20 - $40 per hour.  If any deductions are made they will be explained in writing and divided among the tenants of that unit, or whole building for common areas.  If you have any questions, please contact me at 518-852-0254 my e-mail is


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