Tenant Information
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Payment is due as indicated on the lease.  Any payment not delivered by the due date may incur a late charge.  Historically all of my tenants have been able to pay on time and I have not needed to charge late fees.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about payments;  David Snover, 21 Bolivar Ave., Troy, NY 12180.  Call or text David at 518-852-0254.



Trash day is Monday morning.  The city provides that you bring the trash to the curb after 6 pm the night before and the trash cans need to be returned to the side or back of the house on trash day.  Please store your trash outside, so you don’t attract any mice.  You are responsible for cleaning up trash outside on the ground, even if it is not from you.  Excessive trash or visible stored trash can cause fines and unwanted attention from the City.


Floors & Doors

Damp mop the floors regularly.  Put the water in a bucket or sink, & change very frequently.  Do not pour water / cleaner directly on the floor.  Rolling chairs must have mats or carpets under them.  Stiletto or damaged high heels can dent the wood floors.  Make sure furniture / beds are not scratching wood floors – they are expensive to refinish.  Don’t tape anything to the wood doors or trim.


Heat / Winter

The storm windows (if available) make a big difference in comfort and heating bills.  Make sure the outside storm is on the top and the inside storm is on the bottom and they are both closed tightly.  Never use any tape to seal window drafts – it may remove the finish from the wood.  If the apartment will  be vacant (Christmas break), do not turn the heat below 60 degrees (F) or the pipes may freeze.


Outside Maintenance & Snow

It is agreed that tenants will be responsible for snow and ice removal from steps and walkways near the entrance to their premises.  The owner will provide lawn cutting and landscaping services as needed.  Noise that intrudes to bordering apartments or homes is prohibited from 10 pm – 8 am.



Keep the area clean of empty bottles, lint, and orphaned clothes.  Turn off the lights – you are paying for the electricity.


Repairs & Problems

Please let me know of any problems including: leaking water (immediately), or electrical circuits that keep tripping.  This avoids costly repairs.  Natural gas and electric service provider is National Grid 1-800-642-4272.  Recycling bins are available at your request to Troy Dispatch 518-270-4579. Time Warner Cable is the preferred cabletv/internet installer 1-866-321-2225. 



Grills may absolutely not be used on, under, or near any porches.  By law all grills must be used no closer than 10 feet from the house / porch.  Here is an alternative to grilling- http://waterbroiler.com/ ... for my money this is 10 times more fun,  efficient and healthy.  



Quickly dial 911 in any emergency.  I typically will not respond to telephone calls after 9 PM.  You are encouraged to call me anyway to inform me of any situations where an emergency or potential emergency exist.  If you see suspicious activity near your home- maintain your safety first, then call anonymously to 911.  Do Not store or use any flammables, incendiary devices, charcoal lighter fluid, tiki torches or fuel.  Do Not store any hazardous chemicals or solvents including alcohol.

Renters Insurance  

This is highly recommended to cover your belongings due to loss.


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